INERT IED Training Kit IED01


IED training kit. X-ray correct.


  • Doll IED
  • Teddy bear IED
  • Cookie jar IED
  • Speaker IED
  • Hand grenade
  • Pipe bomb IED
  • Dynamite
  • C4 250g
  • Semtex 250g
  • Electric detonator
  • Non-electric detonator
  • Improvised cardboard detonator
  • Wire set
  • Tilt timer
  • Electric timer
  • Mechanical timer
  • Set of power sources

All items have been designed for X-ray and visual training purposes.


Inert training devices and components are totally safe for training purposes. Every inert threat device or threat component simulates real threats by the way of appearance, X-ray images and density.