Valid from 1 April 2020 onwards


The products in the online shop are sold by Finsecpro Ltd. (Business ID FI0991972-6).

We sell products to companies and authorities worldwide.

All our prices exclude value-added tax and are given in euros (€), unless otherwise stated. Customer is responsible for taxes, VAT, import duties and import taxes.

Finsecpro reserves the right to cancel the order or make changes to prices, if the price of the product ordered does not correspond to actual market prices due to a technical fault in the web shop or human error, for example.

We reserve the right to change sales regions, prices and terms.

The customer commits to the valid terms of delivery in connection with each order.

Products are ordered through the web shop at www.standardtestpiece.com.

All orders are confirmed via e-mail. Receiving an order confirmation requires that you provide e-mail address in connection with the order. Name and address are required for the delivery. Please also provide your telephone number in connection with the order for the purpose of receiving delivery notifications. Security test items are only sold to companies and authorities. 

After you have received a message from us about your delivery being processed, but the delivery has not arrived within the normal estimated delivery time, please inquire for your parcel at your closest post office or pick-up point. This applies to deliveries with no tracking number. Please only contact us via e-mail at info@finsecpro.com if the delivery cannot be found.

We send order confirmations via e-mail after each successfully placed order, detailing the following information:

Order Number

The Products You Ordered

Total Sum of Order

Customer Name

Customer Address

If you placed an order but did not receive an order confirmation for some reason, please contact Finsecpro via e-mail immediately at info(a)finsecpro.com.

After order is confirmed we will issue an invoice. Invoice will be sent via e-mail. Invoice must be either fully or partially (if so agreed) paid before the shipping. 

Orders are always processed in the order they are received.

Orders will usually be shipped within two weeks from the order. We will give the estimated delivery time after the order being confirmed. If the item(s) must be manufactured the order will usually be shipped within three weeks from the order.  

The manufacturing and delivery times provided here are estimates and do not bind the seller. Finsecpro is not responsible for any damages and/or additional costs incurred to the customer if the delivery is delayed. We are not responsible for delayed deliveries due to national holidays.

Due to the nature of the items we mainly use road transport to orders inside EU and Europe. For orders outside EU and Europe we use either air or road transport. Way of transport and the transport costs will be informed before shipping. Customer may also arrange the shipping.

We deliver orders as packages or letters depending on their size. The deliveries are carried out by DSV / TNT and their cooperation partners. If the carrier is not DSV /TNT or one of their cooperation partners, the customer will be notified separately.

If the customer fails to collect their parcel, we shall charge the customer for any costs incurred. We will also charge the customer for any fees incurred due to faulty information given by the customer (e.g. incorrect address / telephone number).


Delivery fees include shipping and packaging, and they are specified at the time of the order.

By placing an order the customers accepts the delivery fees mentioned.

Purchases come with a 14-day exchange and returns policy calculated from the date the item was received. 

If the returned product is not faulty, the customer must pay for the return fee.

Returned products must be in unopened packages and fit for sale. If these terms are met, the customer may receive a refund, if they do not wish to exchange the product.

You can return products by contacting us via e-mail at info@finsecpro.com and ask for more detailed instructions on how to return products.

Products that were manufactured specifically to the customer may not be returned unless they are faulty. 

If a product is damaged or otherwise faulty, you must submit a notice of a faulty delivery or product at info@finsecpro.com within 14 days of receiving the product.

If the item was delivered without tracking, the delivery is deemed delivered and received 8 days from dispatch.

We are not responsible for any damage caused to the customer by a broken product.

Finsecpro is not liable to pay for re-delivery if the address provided by the customer is incorrect. An unclaimed parcel that has been returned to us is always processed as a return. We do not re-deliver returned parcels.

Failing to claim parcels at the delivery location is not considered a return or cancellation. A separate fee of EUR 50 will be charged for any parcel not claimed.

Please check the condition of the parcel immediately after receipt. If the packaging and product have been damaged during transport, you should submit a damage report to the carrier. Please contact us after this at info(a)finsecpro.com.

If the product has been lost or damaged during transportation or the wrong product has been delivered to the customer, the customer must notify us immediately at info(a)finsecpro.com.

We reserve the right to change the appearance of the security test items. We will inform the customer if the appearance of the security test item is different from what is shown in the product picture. 

We reserve the right to change delivery terms. Customers must read the delivery terms valid at any time before placing an order.